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be inspired by the top of the world

Best players,
spectacular rallies
and thousands of fans

Be inspired by the best players in the world. Experience 8 days of exciting matches and spectacular rallies with thousands of fans.
Play yourself, watch others play and enjoy live entertainment.


The P1 tournament in Rotterdam Ahoy offers an unforgettable experience for both spectators and professional players. Here you can enjoy top sport at the highest level, with the world's top 48 players competing for the title. What makes this tournament truly special is its unparalleled quality. From the playing field to the organization, everything is done to perfection. You will be swept away by the passion and energy that can be felt on the field.

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During the top sports tournament in Ahoy, you will get the chance to enter the unique padel courts yourself! With the growing popularity and interest in padel as a recreational sport, extra courts will be built in the hall where the professional players train and play their matches. These special courts will be available to amateurs and enthusiasts during the week. So whether you are an experienced player or just starting out with padel, this is your time to experience the game at a professional level.

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Experience unforgettable sports moments during Decathlon Premier Padel Rotterdam! Immerse yourself in the world of this emerging sport in our special Celebrate VIP Lounge. Enjoy delicious food & drinks, live music and exciting matches broadcast on big screens. Get an exclusive look behind the scenes and listen to fascinating stories from prominent figures in the sports world. Enjoy an energetic and festive atmosphere: LET'S CELEBRATE PADEL!

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